the ever better challenge

A free 30-day program to find your focus and finish what you start.

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4 out of 5 people who make resolutions fail to achieve them. Sound familiar?


Join our new 30-day program to change the habits that have been holding you back. You’ll find templates to track your progress, friendly advice to guide you, and a community to support you on the journey. Start your #everbetterchallenge today and change your life.

Your weekly guide

Build a Plan

Get started on your challenge. Clarify your goal and figure out how you’ll make it happen.


Maintain Your Momentum

Learn about how habits work and what it takes to keep moving forward.


Deal with Setbacks

Stumbles are a part of life. Learn how to prepare for them and overcome them when they occur.


Reflect and Correct

Figure out what’s working, what’s not, and why, to help you meet future challenges.


Measure Your Success

This challenge is all about being Ever Better. As day 30 approaches, how have you improved?


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